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"The lead pump is now operational, and the pressure on sales has ceased."

Winno Energy is a Finnish designer and supplier of biomass boiler plants in Finland and Europe. Customers are from all over the world. The industry is conservative and undergoing massive change.

The green transition that has begun in recent years forces companies to move from fossil fuels to greener alternatives. Winno Energy does not only supply boiler plants in various sizes and configurations, but they also have extensive experience and ability to design and configure bio-boiler plants that meet design standards.

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The CEO of Winno Energy, Juha Junttila, approached Resaco based on the previous accomplishments of its key personnel.

"We chose Resaco because they genuinely understand sales processes, what happens in sales, and how it needs to be served.", Junttila kertoo.

According to Junttila, the problem with traditional advertising agencies is that they build their own world where sales is a separate part of marketing. Winno is not building this castle in the sky.

"We chose Resaco because they genuinely understand sales processes, what happens in sales, and how it needs to be served."

- Juha Junttila, CEO

"I have a good feeling about working with Resaco. Things are discussed openly and honestly. If something doesn't work, it's fixed.

Leads have started coming in and sales activities have increased. Traditionally, the purchasing processes in our industry are long.

Resaco has clarified the roles and now we know who takes care of what, how, and why," says Junttila.

"Resaco has clarified the roles, and now we know who handles what, how, and why. We are aware of the kind of tactical communication being executed and the reasons for it. From a sales perspective, we monitor the most important results weekly, understanding what happens on our website and how we can drive more traffic to it."

- Juha Junttila, CEO

"We monitor the most important results from a sales perspective weekly. We understand the activities on our website and how we can attract more visitors. We're clear about the kind of tactical communication being done.

Every week we get enough leads to meet our growth objectives, which brings security. The lead pump works, and there's no need to push sales anymore. The leads that convert into customers genuinely want to purchase," Junttila explains.

"I'm interested in sales. The number of leads is increasing, and paid advertising genuinely works."

- Juha Junttila, CEO


A new website was rapidly developed for Winno Energy, along with search engine optimization, paid advertising, location-specific pages, and additional paid promotions.

→ Demand increased fivefold
→ Lead cost reduced by -80%
→ Leads from website visitors (conversion rate) quadrupled.
"Resaco's digital marketing service has worked really well. Trust is mutual. Resaco has the promise and freedom to execute digital marketing because they know what they're doing."

- Juha Junttila, CEO
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