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Olli Junes
Founder +358 45 671 7116 Linkedin

Olli is the founder of Resaco. He has over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing in various roles across several growth companies. Strengths: sales processes, value selling, and lead generation.

Henni Nurminen
Account Director
Co-Founder +358 50 368 6547 Linkedin

Henni is a co-founder of Resaco. She is responsible for Resaco's client relations and combines strategic and operational activities: takes care of clients and develops processes and operating models.

Meri Riskilä
Administrative Manager
Administration, Finance, Billing & HR +358 40 050 1572 Linkedin

Meri is responsible for HR and financial administration, recruitment, and laying the groundwork for internationalization at Resaco. Meri is an amazing person. She pays attention to colleagues and clients while keeping a firm grip on the threads of large entities.

Niklas Lingner
Account Manager +358 44 055 1995 Linkedin

Niklas is a Account Manager at Resaco. He is a visionary professional in sales and marketing. A pleasant guy and an incredible professional!

Kuutti Heikkilä
Account Manager +358 40 844 6551 Linkedin

Kuutti is an Account Manager and a skilled generalist at Resaco. An efficient colleague. Don't challenge Kuutti in endurance sports—you'll end up in second place.

Päivi Tölli
Technical SEO & Content Production Manager +358 50 557 4335 Linkedin

Päivi is an experienced technical search engine optimization professional. She has produced hundreds of sales landing pages, and there's no overhyping her skills. In Päivi's own words, she does "SEO stuff", but in Olli's view, she's an SEO god.

Juho Kemppainen
Digital Marketing Specialist +358 50 479 9503 Linkedin

Data-driven paid advertising and analytics are Juho's skills. He is familiar with all the tools in the field and is an experienced generalist in digital marketing. Juho is a community builder and a key figure in developing Resaco's remote work culture.

Essi Rajala
Digital marketing specialist +358 50 331 4572 Linkedin

Essi has a background as a digital marketing consultant for hundreds of companies in various industries. She is responsible for our clients' paid advertising and analytics. Essi is an ambassador of good cheer - the heart of Resaco.

Jesse Mäenpää
SEO & Content specialist +358 50 336 9945 Linkedin
Jesse is a skilled generalist and works at Resaco in content creation and search engine optimization. The promise of Ilmajoki to the world.
Tinka Markkinen
Content specialist Linkedin

Tinka is Resaco's main content producer. She consistently creates outstanding, sales-driven, and converting content for our clients. Tinka is efficient and precise.

Joona Penttilä
Web developer +358 40 835 5751 Linkedin

Joona is a seasoned WordPress, maintenance, and website speed expert. He is responsible for developing Resaco's new and existing websites, cybersecurity, and maintenance.

Antton Eskola
Sales Manager +358 50 340 2109 Linkedin

Antton is responsible for sales and new client acquisition at Resaco. If you are part of the target group, you can expect to be contacted by Antton. It's worth responding, as he is cheerful, hardworking, and a gentleman.

Tiia Lehtisalo
Senior Sales Development Representative +358 50 355 5535 Linkedin
Tiia is a Senior SDR at Resaco. Tiia holds a BBA degree in International Business and has successfully worked as an SDR for international markets. Tiia makes her calls from Barcelona.
Joonas Sarkkinen
Junior Sales Development Representative +358 50 308 1914
Joonas is a World Cup-level competitive skier and a recent graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. Alongside his athletic career, Joonas works part-time as an SDR at Resaco.
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