Our story
Resaco, short for Remote Sales Company, was born in response to the market's need for a digital marketing partner that deeply understands growth and strategic thinking at the executive level.

From the beginning, the company's goal has been to revolutionize traditional perceptions of digital marketing by offering its clients long-term and demonstrably effective strategies.

In 2024, Resaco has set its sights on international expansion. Read more about Resaco's mission, vision, and future plans below.
Image: A newly started entrepreneur in the spring of 2022

2022 - Resaco is founded

Resaco comes from the words Remote Sales Company. 

The founder of Resaco, Olli Junes, has extensive experience in sales and marketing management within growth companies. In Resaco's business plan in January 2022, the idea was to offer sales coaching to companies seeking growth through digital marketing. 

The company was never intended to become a digital marketing agency. The digital marketing sector is low-margin, full of big egos, and even outright lying to clients.

After a few months of searching for digital marketing partners, it became clear that there was no player in the market that understood C-level thinking and actual growth.

A service had to be developed in-house.

Image: Olli Junes and Henni Nurminen at Digimarcon in Amsterdam, 2023

Henni Nurminen becomes Resaco's second founding partner.

Henni Nurminen joins Resaco as the second founder.

Henni has experience consulting thousands of companies on Google's paid advertising. She realized that there was a need in the digital marketing market for a player who, instead of project sales and campaigning, could look at the long term and be a strategic partner for the client.

Resaco's digital marketing team began to be assembled, and the service developed based on the following themes:

  1. How do we build reporting that can demonstrably increase sales?

  2. How can the service bring unfair competitive advantage and value to our clients' business?

Image: Resaco's kick-off in Rovaniemi, May 2023

2023 - Strengthening Resaco's foundation and team growth

2023 vuosi oli Resacolle perustan vahvistamisen vuosi. Emme satsanneet myynnin kasvuun. Tästä huolimatta teimme 60% kasvun liikevaihdossa (262te -> 419te).

Pidämme tätä hyvänä, koska uusmyyntiä ei Resacolla ollut. Kaikki asiakkaat tulivat suosittelun kautta.

Vuonna 2023, 9%:n liikevoitto on digimarkkinoinnin toimialan keskiarvo, johon olemme tyytyväisiä.

It's important to remember that we did this while doubling our staff, maintaining profitability, and investing in growth and development without external funding or active sales.

Image: Resaco's February kick-off in Rovaniemi, February 2024

2024 is a year of growth

After two years of building foundations, processes, and bases - 2024 is a year of growth. Sales were started in January 2024.

This year, Resaco will grow with several new professionals in content production, paid advertising, account managers, and production managers. We do not intend to grow at the expense of production and customer experience, but sales and recruitment will be adjusted according to production capacity.

In 2024, we are laying the groundwork for Resaco's internationalization.

Image: The Resaco crew and their places of residence as of the writing date (March 15, 2024)

The future of Resaco - going global

Resaco's vision is to be the world's best remote work environment. We are already working across three different time zones and seven different locations.

The mission is to be the market leader in sales-oriented digital marketing. 

Digimarkkinoinnin kehitys ja muutosvauhti nopeutuu. Viimein vanha aikansa nähnyt tuhoutuu ja syntyy uutta. Se on markkinataloutta.

Teemme Resacolla työmme jo kansainvälisellä tasolla. Se ei riitä, sillä aiomme tulla siinä mitä teemme - maailman parhaimmiksi.

Hop on board, because this train is heading in the right direction.

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