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"Without Resaco's proactivity in customer service, things wouldn't have gone as smoothly."

Tunnin Kuva is a Finnish, nationwide full-service photo store chain founded in 1988. They have 30 locations all around Finland.

Over the years, the company has witnessed a massive digital transformation, transitioning from film photos to digital cameras and smartphones. Tunnin Kuva is a well-known concept in the photography industry and a recognized brand nationally.

Their everyday products include passport photos, prints rom digital photos, photo gifts, digitization, printed materials, posters, large prints, and corporate photos.

"For us, an important matter was that we aren't just one customer among many. Over the years, dozens of marketing agencies have approached us, but we felt that Resaco truly understood our business. Resaco saw us and comprehended the unique characteristics of our operation,"
- Jouni Eskola, Marketing Manager of Tunnin Kuva.

"A familiar company had already collaborated with Resaco and achieved good results. Moreover, Resaco's diverse references from different sectors gave us confidence that they can cater to our needs as well," Eskola shares.

The collaboration has been very smooth from the beginning.

"Resaco has been actively in touch and has been all ears towards the customer. They haven't just implemented but have also challenged us to consider new perspectives,"
- Jouni Eskola, Marketing Manager of Tunnin Kuva.
"What was important to us was that we weren't just one client among many. Resaco saw us and truly understood the unique aspects of our business,"
- Jouni Eskola, Marketing Manager of Tunnin Kuva.

The biggest milestone of the project was the launch of the new website. The project has been a massive undertaking, as there are 30 branches and hundreds of pages.

"The website change was a massive project, and expectations have been exceeded. Now our customers receive the same level of service online as they do in our brick-and-mortar stores," says Eskola.

Resaco's proactivity and desire to see their client succeed has been impressive.

"They are interested in the results and constantly bring new, data-driven suggestions to the table. We feel that Resaco is now a part of our team," Eskola summarizes.

"I highly recommend Resaco to anyone looking for an expert partner in digital marketing. If your company has challenges with visibility in search engines or a need for sales-oriented websites, Resaco is the right address," Eskola concludes.
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