"Our actions have become more predictable. Weekly, consistent reporting is important to us."

Moontalk Oy is a Finnish operator sector SaaS company that develops and offers mobile switchboard and communication technology for businesses.

The company's core product is the SaaS-based Mustalinja mobile switchboard for managing business phone traffic.

In February 2022, the company launched a tool called Moontalk Out, which allows organizations to execute, track, and measure customer contact regardless of time, place, and device.

The service is especially intended for those companies that make outbound calls from the business.

The company was founded in 1995, and before 2022, the company operated under the name Mustalinja. The company's headquarters is in Oulu, Finland.

Moontalk found Resaco at just the right time when the previous partner no longer met expectations.

"We were looking for a new player, and Resaco approached us at just the right moment," says Sakari Junes, Moontalk's Sales Director.

Cooperation with Resaco got off to a flying start thanks to a proactive approach. The website was revamped, and the focus was put on conversion optimization and finding the right audiences for ad campaigns.

"If something doesn't work, Resaco makes changes before we even have a chance to bring them up. This gives us strong confidence that things are genuinely being advanced and considered," Junes says.

Working with Resaco has brought predictability to Moontalk's marketing.

"Weekly, regular reporting is important to us. It gives us a comprehensive picture of how projects are progressing and where things stand," Junes states.

Moontalk has not encountered any challenges with Resaco.

"We are very pleased with the results and the collaboration. There have been no challenges, and that's a great thing," Junes emphasizes.

"I would definitely recommend Resaco's services to others. Their proactive attitude is especially important in an industry that is new to us," Junes concludes.


→ Demand increased by 250%
→ Lead cost reduced by 60%
→ Leads from website visitors (conversion rate) increased fivefold.
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