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This text is part of a content package produced by Resaco for various tasks at a digital agency.

It provides a comprehensive overview of content production done remotely, focusing particularly on the role, skills, and salary levels of content producers working in digital marketing agencies. Additionally, it highlights the differences between social media content production and traditional blog production.

What Does a Content Specialist Do in a Digital Marketing Agency?

A content specialist working in a digital marketing agency creates content that supports the clients’ brand and marketing strategy. This includes a variety of tasks: defining the brand’s voice, identifying the target audience, and planning content strategies.

The content specialist works closely with the marketing team to ensure that the content supports the company’s goals and resonates with the target audience.

The 6 Most Important Qualities of a Content Specialist and How to Develop Them

  1. Understanding the Client’s Business: Develop your business acumen by attending industry courses and webinars. Familiarize yourself with different industries and stay updated on market trends.
  2. Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Improve your SEO skills by studying how search engines operate and the latest algorithm changes. Utilize online courses and guides published by industry experts.
  3. Producing Commercially Converting Content: Content that isn’t seen or read benefits no one online. Practice writing persuasive and compelling content. Analyze successful campaigns and experiment with different copywriting techniques.
  4. Utilizing the Latest Technologies and Platforms: Keep yourself updated on the latest content production tools and platforms. Experiment with new tools and applications. When using Chat-GPT, ensure you don’t leak client data to GPT but handle information in a closed environment.
  5. Ability to Analyze and Utilize Data: Learn to use analytics tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and Search Console. Use data to optimize content and plan strategies.
  6. Creative Thinking and Innovation: Develop your creativity by participating in creative writing courses, webinars, client meetings, and generally being open to new ideas.

Content Specialist Salary Models in Finland

As a content specialist, you can choose from various salary models: hourly wage, monthly salary, or freelance work.

  • In Finland, the hourly wage model ranges from 15-25 euros per hour on average.
  • Monthly salaried content specialists earn between 2500-4000 euros per month, depending on their skill and experience levels.
  • Freelancers can set their own prices, which depend on their experience and special expertise. Freelancers’ hourly rates range from 20-55 euros.

Content Specialist Career Development: Junior, Senior, Manager, Director Levels

The career path for a content specialist is clear, and salary increases with experience and responsibility.

  • Junior content specialists in Finland earn approximately 2,000–2,800 euros per month.
  • Senior content specialists earn an average of 3,000–4,500 euros per month.
  • In manager and director level roles where responsibilities expand, salaries can rise to 4,500–7,000 euros per month.

Differences Between Social Media Content Specialists and Copywriting Content Specialists

There are two main trends in digital content production: social media content production and traditional blog production. These two areas differ in many ways.

  1. Content Format and Length: Social media content is often shorter and more concise. The lifespan of social media content is a few weeks, whereas blogs allow for more in-depth discussion and thorough handling. Blogs appear in search engines for years and can significantly add value to the customer’s purchase process.
  2. Audience Interaction: Social media enables immediate interaction with the audience, whereas blogs are not intended for direct communication with the reader.
  3. Publishing Frequency: Social media content is updated dozens of times a week, whereas blogs or landing pages are created a few times a month.
  4. Visuality: Social media platforms emphasize visual content, such as images and videos. Blogs, on the other hand, rely more on text, search engine optimization, content length, and value addition.
  5. SEO and Search Engines: Blogs are effective for search engine optimization (SEO) to bring visitors to websites regularly and predictably, while social media content does not directly affect search engine rankings.
  6. Goal Setting: Social media content often focuses on brand visibility and community building, while blogs can serve many purposes, such as adding value or demonstrating expertise.

As a content specialist, it is essential to understand the differences between these two formats and know what suits you best.

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