B2C Lead Generation in Finland: Basics and Trends for 2024

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Welcome to delve into the world of B2C lead generation. This article is particularly aimed at business leaders operating in the Finnish market, who want to understand how modern B2C lead generation works, how it increases sales, and what are the latest trends and strategies in the field.

The author of the article is Olli Junes, who has a long experience in the consumer market for 10 years. In the early stages of his sales career, he himself made cold calls for four years as a job and has seen the kind of change consumer sales have encountered after the pandemic. Today, Olli builds sales strategies daily for companies in B2C and B2B business and implements them through his digital agency, Resaco.

Basics of B2C Lead Generation in Finland

Importance of B2C Lead Generation for Business

For businesses operating in the B2C space, lead generation is a central part of the business. It is not just a process of identifying new potential customers but also an important step in the customer acquisition process. By understanding and utilizing effective lead generation methods, companies can grow their customer base and significantly improve their results.

A customer can be reached very early in the purchase process during the information gathering phase. The one who creates value for the customer first is the one who gains the customer's trust. And the one who gains the customer's trust is likely to also get a quote request or a lead from the customer.

Lead generation is a process where continuous contact is created and maintained with potential customers. This process begins from the moment a potential customer first shows interest in a company's products or services and continues until a customer relationship is formed.

Average Lead Numbers and Typical Lead Generation Challenges

According to 2023 statistics, in Europe, B2C companies had an average of 196.5 new leads per month, which is about 49 per week. The study did not refer to the quality of the leads.

Still, this is more than seven times more than B2B companies.

This demonstrates the potential of B2C marketing, but at the same time highlights the challenges companies face in managing and converting leads into customers.

One of the biggest challenges is ensuring the quality of the leads.It is important that each lead is a potential customer with a genuine interest in the company's products or services. Lead generation is easy, distribute a bunch of free buckets and you have a line of interested people. Whether any of them are potential customers is another question.

Another challenge is the effective handling and tracking of leads, which requires a systematic approach and efficient tools. If the leads come to the sales manager's email and he distributes them when he can, even hot leads cool down in a day.

Leads must be distributed to salespeople so that contact forms on websites and bots are directly connected to the CRM from where the salespeople handle them immediately. The customer experience is incredible when the customer's fingers are still on the keyboard and the contact comes in minutes.

Overcoming these challenges requires a clear strategy and the ability to adapt to constantly changing market situations. This means that companies must be ready to invest resources in both technology and skilled personnel for lead generation to work effectively and produce results.

Lead Generation: Effective Strategies

Clear and simple B2C lead generation strategies are critical to a company's success.

It is essential to understand the target audience and create strategies and touchpoints that resonate with them.

If you sell meat products, vegans are not your target audience. This is important to understand when choosing key search terms for content marketing.

Strategies mean different marketing channels, such as blogs, social media, email marketing, paid advertising, search engine optimization, or influencer marketing, depending on where potential customers spend their time and how they make purchasing decisions.

An important aspect of effective strategies is targeting the message to the right audience. When communication and marketing are tailored to meet individual needs and interests, it increases customer engagement and improves lead conversion. Customers reward value-adding content by spending more time on it. This requires a deep understanding of customer behavior, preferences, and the buying journey.

At Resaco, we have seen that customers in consumer business are willing to spend up to half an hour on companies' videos and blogs before submitting a contact request.

In addition, utilizing analytics and data is key to developing a strategy. Data helps to better understand which measures produce the best results and where there is room for improvement. Where to focus search engine optimization, which content to enrich, and where to find new blue oceans for content production.

This helps optimize marketing campaigns and target resources more effectively.

B2C Lead Generation – Latest Trends and Future

B2C lead generation has evolved tremendously over ten years. From traditional methods such as cold calling and door-to-door sales, there has been a shift to increasingly digital ways of reaching customers online.

Technological advancements have enabled more precise targeting and a more personal approach to lead acquisition. For example, artificial intelligence and machine learning help better understand customer behavior and anticipate their needs, leading to more efficient and targeted marketing.

Properly done, machine-learning Google Ads– and Metaadvertising platforms are really key sources of lead generation, but they cannot be relied upon for everything. It's like your lead generation chair has only one leg: paid advertising.

In addition to this, blogs are needed that bring the right and relevant traffic to the site. This makes lead generation sustainable because, in addition to paid advertising, there is also organic traffic. When customers search for information online, organic search results in search engines are preferred.

Case Examples: Success Stories in B2C Lead Generation in Finland

Practical examples and success stories are excellent ways to understand how B2C lead generation can work effectively.

An auto service and tire shop in Rovaniemi, Polar Rengas managed to significantly increase its sales and customer base by taking over the most important keywords and supporting lead generation with paid advertising. They created targeted advertising campaigns that utilized visual content. This not only increased brand visibility but also attracted new leads that turned into customers.

Another example is the photo shop chain Tunnin Kuva,which used artificial intelligence and data analytics to better understand its customers' behavior and needs. By taking over the most important search terms organically and supporting them with paid advertising, Tunnin Kuva swam upstream in retail downturn and increased its sales.

Lead Generation – Final Thoughts

B2C lead generation is complex but a critical part of growth for businesses operating in the B2C sector in Finland. Key factors are understanding the target audience, providing value to them, continuous development of strategies, and leveraging technology.

Successful lead generation requires understandable and clear strategies that resonate with potential customers. With the right analytics, results can be measured and actions developed through data. It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments to take advantage of new opportunities and stay ahead of competitors.

Finally, successful B2C lead generation in Finland requires an understanding of the local market environment and the specific features applicable in it. This means that international trends and methods must be adapted to local conditions and customer needs.

For those who do it right, it can open the door to significant growth and success. In the end, it's just a matter of whether you or your competitors will invest in modern digital marketing. The customer seeks and ultimately gets the value and necessary information to support their decision from somewhere. In the end, the customer is always right, whatever decision they make.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope you find inspiration and practical tips for developing your own B2C lead generation.

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